Thread Head Quilt Along


Plaster is a very versatile material and great for innovating in home decor. It can be used to make small details, entire partitions of rooms and furniture and even a plaster ceiling. Here are some ideas for you to use plaster in decoration: For those who don’t want to spend a lot, or just want decorative details, a great option is to finish the walls with plaster. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Thread Head Quilt Along.


A good example are those little bands that give a charm between the wall and the ceiling, making everything more beautiful. For those who want to dare more, it is possible to make a plaster lowering, called plaster lining, where all pipes and wires are embedded. The crown moldings are details of the plaster where the lamps are embedded, generally of the dichroic or led type.

Speaking of lighting, plaster is great for those who want to make a different lighting project for the house. It is possible to create “paths” of light, direct the focus of the light to decorative objects to highlight them, leaving an environment with a softer or stronger lighting than another, all of this, just by embedding the lights in the plaster lining .

Another wildcard of plaster decoration is to embed the curtain rods behind the plaster lining to hide them. This solution hides all the “gear” of the curtain or blind and makes the environment more charming.


It is also possible to create furniture with plasterboard, niches, shelves and even box beds. They are cheaper than wooden furniture and you can create the shape you want and even embed lighting to highlight the decoration inside the furniture, which is amazing and will help you a lot leaving the room more beautiful and with a modern touch.

Plaster niches have a different function in each room. In the bathroom, for example, they can store towels, perfume bottles and even vases. In children’s rooms, in addition to stuffed animals and books, the niche can be used as an “emergency light”. As some children do not like to sleep in a completely dark room, it is also possible to embed indirect light in the niche and leave it on during the night so that your little ones can sleep peacefully.

Called Drywall, the plasterboard can be used to share rooms, a great outlet for offices or rented apartments, where the resident cannot carry out major works. In these cases, when the lease agreement ends, you can break the divisions without causing further damage to the property. Plaster can be used in a thousand and one ways, you just need creativity and the help of an experienced professional for quality work, you can find an experienced professional searching the internet.

➡ Free Pattern Available: Thread Head Quilt Along