Farm Animals Friends – A C2c Farm Graph Baby Blanket


How to choose the right blanket for the baby’s room? This doubt persecutes a lot of people and it is no wonder, since the blanket is one of the main elements of decoration. It is with him that we bring comfort, welcome, beauty and functionality to the environment. And to help answer the question above, we made a post about a beautiful blanket that can be used to decorate your little one’s room. Knowing the exact size of the crib is the first step in getting the blanket right, so take all the necessary steps.


The recommendation is that the blanket always be proportional to the size of the crib, with a leftover of twenty to thirty centimeters on the sides. Another recommendation is that the blanket be placed just below the crib’s head, ensuring that it is well-placed and beautiful in decoration. In short, the bigger the crib, the bigger the blanket.

Free Pattern Available: Farm Animals Friends

You can think of the color of the blanket for your baby from two possibilities: the first is when the intention is to make the blanket the focal point of the environment and the second is when the blanket is just a complement to the decoration. In the first case, vibrant colors can be used without fear, but the base of the decor should preferably be neutral.


In the second option, the best alternative is to use a blanket of light and neutral color, such as gray, beige and brown, white can also be used, but remember that color reveals dirt more easily. The color of the blanket also implies the perception of space amplitude. This means that light-colored blankets visually enhance the environment, while dark colors tend to shrink.

Blanket prints follow the same color recommendation. For modern, stripped-down designs, geometric prints are great options, especially when they come with bright colors. For those who want a blanket printed in a classic and elegant decoration, the tip is to bet on a Persian style blanket, for example. Scandinavian and industrial decorations, very high at the moment, combine especially with neutral color blankets and geometric black and white prints, such as stripes and diamonds, even the pet blanket is one of the most used options.

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