Spring into Summer With A Free Crochet Blanket Pattern


Blankets are one of the easiest, fastest and most economical ways to change the look of your room or bedroom. With the huge variety of colors, prints and fabrics in which the quilts are made it is possible to create endless decoration possibilities and change it whenever you want, so today we decided to bring you an incredible craft model that portrays two seasons of the year. An amazing, beautiful and delicate crochet blanket that can be used to decorate and warm you.


The crochet blanket is a beautiful, delicate and very useful piece that can be made by you and your hands, not amazing, knowing that you can create such a good and useful piece yourself and go on and on a lot of occasions, and all this using just your hands?

Free Pattern Available: Spring into Summer With A Free Crochet Blanket

But among such variety, how to choose the right blanket for your sofa and your living room? Despite being a simple piece, the blanket makes all the difference in decoration and the right choice as well. So in this post we bring you this beautiful blanket model that will help you when buying and decorating with blankets your bedroom or your living room.


The color of the blanket should be in harmony with the rest of the environment, especially the bed or sofa where it will be used. To get the color right bet on tone-on-tone combinations, for example, dark blue sofa with a blue blanket a lighter shade, but in this case this blanket already has a color specification.

Another form of combination is by contrast, which can be either the idea of ​​light and dark or the use of complementary colors, that is, those that are in opposite positions in the color circle. In this case, some suggestions are the use of yellow with blue, green with pink, blue with orange, purple with yellow or red with green, in the case of this blanket we use various colors, leaving with a rainbow look.

Neutral color combinations are also a sure bet, including white and black or gray and black. One more tip: you can also combine the colors of the blanket with the cushions of your sofa or the pillows of your bed, isn’t that amazing? A piece that suits so many things made by you?

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