Fat Quarter Log Cabin


The vintage / retro style makes any room charming with decorative pieces reminiscent of bygone eras. However, it is important to reinvent yourself so that the old look gives way to a modern environment, making this mix unique, different and very beautiful. Before carrying out this proposal, it is necessary to highlight the differences between vintage and retro since they often confuse people. Vintage is reminiscent of the old as that incredible piece of your grandparents’ house. Already the retro is related to items inspired by ancient decades. In today’s post we will talk a little more about this type of decoration and we will also bring the pattern of a beautiful Fat Quarter Log Cabin to help you in this decoration.


They are usually new furniture that goes through a modernization process. A reread. With such settings in mind, it is easier to start the decorating project and move on to a concept for the decor you will use in your bedroom. Regardless of your choice, you can compose and merge both styles in the same environment. After all, only you will really know which piece is original or which has undergone a retro upgrade.


Free Available Pattern: Fat Quarter Log Cabin

Vintage and Retro Style: Perfect for nostalgic people or with that famous feeling of being born at the wrong time, as with many. Decorations based on patterns from the last century can have many inspirations and continue to delight many people in their shapes, patterns and colors. They range from the beginning of the century in the 1920s / 30s, through the modernization of the 1940s / 50s and the glamor of pop culture of the 1960s / 70s, which were the pinnacle. Whatever time you choose, it is always important to remember that between vintage and retro there is a big difference:


Retro uses period furniture and decorations, which can be found in antique shops and other types of bazaars and mines; The Vintage style uses the style of those bygone eras on objects produced at the present time and can be found in most furniture and decoration stores. The double bedroom is the most intimate environment of the house. It needs to be warm, cozy and comfortable, as well as bringing together the characteristics and personality of the two people who inhabit this space.

When it comes to decorating the double bedroom, some aspects need to be taken into consideration, especially the size of the bedroom so that it can combine comfort, functionality and proportionate measures. The style of decoration is also important. If you still don’t have in mind if you want a modern, rustic or Provencal room, you can choose this style to decorate yours! And don’t think that it can only be used for double rooms as it can be used anywhere, be it bedroom, kitchen or living room.

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