Folded Star Quilt


Patchwork is a technique in which pieces and cuts of fabrics with different patterns come together to form a unique composition. They can be made by hand or use a sewing machine to speed up the work. This Hot Star Folded Pad designed by Sharon Holland. If you have never tried doing this folding technique before, make it now as your new design, it just gets perfect the work in the end, fabric overlap of the gorgeous effect.


This is a great design to use fabrics from your stockpile, those leftovers that are left over from other jobs and it’s fun to do. I loved this pattern that I am addicted to doing it and I want you to get addicted to them too because it is an incredible result!

They are so beautiful, easy to store and will impress people when you show or give.



I’m excited to finally be able to share this amazing technique of how I made the stars bent. Before talking about what many know but if you are new here on the site accompanying us know that this is not my standard, my goal is to show how easy it is to use the template to create it and you improve your skills and learn more and more.

Thanks for joining me. Happy on more people doing this job.

Free Pattern Step by Step →  Folded Star ❤