Lisbon Tile Quilt Block


Hello handicraft lovers, let’s learn a little more today from this immense world of craftsmanship, from immense patterns and ways of doing a job that in the end the result is so gratifying that the will to do more and more so improving your skills and experiences to do the most difficult jobs. Patchwork is a technique where pieces and cuts of fabrics with different patterns come together to form a unique composition.
Do you know about works made in patchwork? We love this technique and we are sure you will too.


The stripped-down style of this type is a trend in the decoration of rooms and bedrooms. This tile block from Lisbon designed by Jo Avery.

Here are some options you can create with this technique:

Covers of calendars, notebooks or books
Bags, Bags;
Cup cloths;
Curtains, Pillows;
Bedspreads for bed;
American game


Choose the fabrics you will wear, measure and cut several squares of each pattern in the same size. For the finish to look beautiful you should make straight cuts and measure all squares correctly. We indicate 100% cotton and we recommend that they be washed before being used in craft work.

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The Pattern is available for free ▶ Lisbon Tile Block