Jewel Box Quilt


Welcome to our craft site where you can find several patterns and the best free, and you will learn more and more every day. We were a little absent but we came back with many new features and pattern, I hope you like this and others that it contains here on the site. This design I saw and I fell in love, brought to everyone here also make and fall in love that is patchwork. This patchwork pattern is wonderful and changes all the decor and ambiance of the place you use making it more cozy, beautiful and with your personality and colors preferred.


Craft work is also sustainable because it uses pieces of fabric to make quilts and other jobs so always be recycled instead of throwing these tissues in the trash and going to nature and it takes time to decompose.

The work done with the hands is very beautiful, modern and always updated with new patterns and different ways of doing. With this always having patterns to have fun and for those who do jobs to sell is good that always has different news and projects, diversities for sale

This pattern is called Jewel Box which has a modern geometric design containing several sewn blocks, which can be a beautiful quilt or to put on the wall. It can be done by quilters of all levels of learning, even beginners can manage to make this quilt, it is just having dedication and will.


There are thousands of possibilities for vibrant color combinations, choice of fabrics and combinations for your work, as you can make an inclined level quilt being simpler and basic with these squares of fabrics that will be designing that design at the end having a visual more elaborate as this is the photo that I leave for you in this matter.

Below I leave ready quilt model, how your quilt will be ready, and soon after the step by step of this pattern of patchwork with all the information and materials, seize every information. Good job.

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