Piece of Home Afghan Crochet


Hi.. How are you? After the weekend?
Rest and ready for new projects .. I have news for you, in this matter we will learn a crochet pattern. Crocheted bedspreads certainly make you think of a more handmade quilt style that reminds your grandmother who loves spending hours crocheting giving us inspiration.


The crochet quilt never goes out of style, it is a craftsman that always renews itself every day according to the novelties, new combinations and points every day to increase its knowledge. Always with new styles to achieve all tastes, both for decoration and for warming up.

The crochet bedspread is very beautiful, cozy and the best is done with our own hands, it gives us much gratitude to us that we do this work. That’s why it’s easy enough for even beginners to make their own bedspread and get motivated by it.

Below I leave you with color models, how your quilt will look and you can already see how the stitch and quilt ready, serving as a model, and after the step by step of this crochet quilt with all the information and materials, enjoy information. Hope you like it and see the next pattern.


Pattern Free ☛ Piece of Home Afghan Crochet ✔



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