Lily Pad Baby Quilt


Lily Pad Baby Quilt, this quilt is perfect for your home. This piece will provide you with incredible combinations in decoration, you can be sure you will love it. This piece is amazing and can help you a lot by decorating the environment or keeping you warm too, which is great and helps a lot in the winter. Very well explained in the tutorial, this work was done with these beautiful colors, but if you wish you can also use your own.


The colors of your bedspread will depend on your taste, keep this in mind as it is important. When winter approaches, quilts are what make us warm and comfortable in our homes. It is an excellent product option for sales because it is a differentiated piece and requires time to be made, remember this.

Certainly when doing your job you often have many doubts about how it is the best way to do a perfect job, these doubts arise for everyone. But with love and patience it is possible to do amazing jobs. Thank you for visiting our website.

Lily Pad Baby Quilt

Pattern/Images/Tutorial By: Wedding Dress Blue



Finished size: 32-1/2″ 32-1/2″




36 4″ squares.  Use scraps to give variety.  On this one I used 6 different fabrics in the six colors chosen to match the backing fabric.  I like doing that with baby quilts.

1/3 yard for the outer “strip” and binding (not shown in picture above)

1  yard background fabric

1-1/8  yard backing fabric (or as required for quilting technique)

batting suitable


  • Prepare your colored squares.  36 of them.
  • Background fabric:
    • 36 4″ squares
    • 4 2-1/2″x 9-1/2″ strips
    • 4 1-1/2″ x 2-1/2″ strips
    • 4 2-1/2″ x 12-1/2″ strips
    • 2 1-1/2″ x 30-1/2″ strips
    • 2 1-1/2″ x 32-1/2″ strips
  • Colored Strip:
    • 4 1-1/2″x9-1/2″ strips
    • 4 1-1/2″x10-1/2″ strips
    • 4 2-1/4″xWOF for binding


Our Crew Opinion About This Lily Pad Baby Quilt

Lily Pad Baby Quilt, a stylish quilt that will help you a lot in decorating amazing shapes! You will love the style that the bedspread has, especially this winter that is coming when you need to stay warm and charming with a lot of style. With a beautiful stitch and wonderful colors that can be changed according to your will, which is great and helps a lot!

Want to make this beautiful Lily Pad Baby Quiltt to use today? So follow the tutorial we brought you here today and I am sure you will be able to make this wonderful Lily Pad Baby Quilt easily, everything will be amazing and very beautiful, believe me! This piece is simply wonderful and will help you decorate, in addition to warm you up!