Minunee Blanket Crochet


This is probably the most important place in the house. It is a private environment designed for both to relax, rest and have time alone. There is no better feeling than coming home, putting your feet up and resting on your bed. In this post we will see more about this and will learn how to do a beautiful Minunee Blanket Crochet.


That is why the decoration influences this condition so much, so remember this well. Pleasing both, transmitting the ideas, tastes and personalities of each, always maintaining practicality, functionality and romantic atmosphere is what you will achieve by decorating the double room taking into account some details.

When decorating, you can use crochet to help you, as this makes it easier to keep items and details harmonized and even helps you change the face of the room. It is essential that the room is always clean, organized, ventilated and bright;

this keeps the room’s energy intact and makes life easier for two, which is great. The decor should provide tranquility and peace, in addition to, of course, being warm and inviting, and this crochet can help you with that.


The first step is to crochet some items that will help you decorate spaces such as the bathroom and cupboards, which are very important. The Bedroom, for example, with a decoration that pleases both, avoids confusion, makes everything more practical and guarantees individuality.

For both environments the tip is to bet on crochet’s that have beautiful and vibrant colors, as it helps a lot. However, remember that the bedroom is a place of the house that is used to rest and it needs to be comfortable.

A essential item of decoration inside the Bedroom is the crochet blanket, which serve as a great help. They serve as an decoration item and also serve to warm you up, when you go to sleep and it’s a cold night.

And it also works as a dress to your bed, since it is recommended to have one on your bed to change the face of the place. Bedside, crochet serve to a lot of things, since it is a versatile art that can transform into anything.

Free Crochet Pattern: Minunee Blanket Crochet