The No Brainer CAL Blanket Crochet


To decorate your room in an incredible and very beautiful way, nothing better than a beautiful and elaborate crochet, after all the crochet is very versatile and has pieces that can have several purposes from decorating the environment to warming you up at night or a winter day, and to help you today we brought in our post the pattern of a beautiful and very interesting CAL at The Brainer.


The expression “Home Sweet Home” reflects well what a home should be, bringing warmth, protection, safety and comfort to residents, this is how it should be. Nothing better than a CAL in your style to make you feel at home.

Do you know CAL No The Brainer? It can be very elegant in your home, if you give it a touch with a beautiful color, if you want to leave it with your face, with your own colors, use and abuse creativity, let it loose, create a Cal in pop art style and the decor will look amazing!

Vintage came back with everything and it is possible to customize several crochet’s and incorporate them into the home decor, be they a Blanket, a square, a Shawl and etc … A good crochet restores the life of your home and makes it more beautiful.


It is possible to make a CAL in The Brainer with your own colors to give it a new look, it is amazing how the same object can look new and give a different face to the environment with only small changes, sometimes the results are surprising. Vibrant colors give a more stripped and youthful appearance.

Using CAL at The Brainer to decorate your ambients, like living room and bedroom, is a sustainable tip that fits super into the rustic decor, which can even transform into a beautiful and sophisticated crochet decor, transforming the environment totally, Blankets and others types of crochet are very useful for this, let creativity go free.

CAL at The Brainer complements the decor of the rustic TV room, making everything more beautiful. Small customizations that you can do at home, just have the right material to do it, which you find on the standard website. For this, it is also good to follow the tutorial completely and carefully.

For big changes in the environment, make other pieces so that you have something to complement the environment. Crochet never goes out of style, it brings sophistication and comfort to the home and leaves you with your face. Keep your good, personalize and always have new crochet.

Free Pattern Available: The No Brainer CAL