Opposition Quilt


Opposition Quilt, a very beautiful craft technique that every day has been acquiring shapes, techniques and new threads that have been surprising, in addition to learning and improving with ideas, you will feel able to produce beautiful shapes just let your imagination flow and follow the tutorial carefully.


With few materials and carefully following the tutorial we provide you can make this beautiful quilt piece and the colors can be chosen according to what best matches your decor and make everything more cheerful and beautiful.

According to the tutorial shared here, the intense colors are the most suitable to make this beautiful work. This quilt looks great in any room in the house and makes the room beautiful and cozy.

The colors applied here are very beautiful and it is a differential of this piece, but if you wish, use those that best match the chosen environment.


A beautiful work that is very well explained in this tutorial shared here. You can carefully make this beautiful quilt to make your home well decorated. The more we learn and improve ourselves by knowing different techniques, our products become more creative and can surprise everyone by their beauty.

A perfect piece to offer your customers this quilt will be very successful. The color shared here is just a suggestion, choose the one that suits you best. Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring the best for you. Did you like the article? This incredible Quilt will make a difference in your home.

This quilt in addition to helping you decorate your living room or bedroom leaving everything more beautiful, alive and happy, will also warm you up during very cold nights, so it is always good to have more than one at home, so that you will never be cold and still have your home well decorated always.

Pattern By: Robert Kaufman

Pattern Status: Free

Free Pattern Available: Opposition Quilt