Sunshine Quilt


Sunshine Quilt with beautiful details in delicate stitch and that has a simple and very beautiful look. In the decoration it has a very important role and manages to give harmony and joy to the house. They must be chosen according to the environment where they will be and must have a defined number of pieces.


Many think that they only complete the decoration when in fact their importance is much greater. With little material and using your knowledge in quilt when following the tutorial carefully you can make this incredible quilt.

It can be a nice gift for someone who likes it a lot, to complete the decoration of your home or even for sale because it is a product that is always sought to acquire. It is important to know that this piece of craftsmanship is essential when making the decoration of the environment.

She should be cheerful and leave the look of the house light and relaxed. The quilt is widely used to develop this type of work with beautiful and very charming results that always help a lot.


This piece is easy to make and can decorate the environment with refinement, elegance and a lot of charm, fitting in any type of decoration precisely because of its simplicity and versatility. The colors here are just a suggestion, choose the ones that best match the place where they should decorate.

This quilt shared here can be used on the most varied beds and on the most varied sofas, in addition to being able to warm you up at night, for example, so it must be so soft. It will still give life and joy to the environment where it is placed.

Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring the best for you. Did you like the article? Beautiful piece to create and decorate your home all depending on the theme you are using! The colors as we said can be exchanged for colors of your taste or for colors that match your decor.

Pattern By: Lisa Audit

Pattern Status: Free

Free Pattern Available: Sunshine Quilt