Rainbow Afghan Pattern


This Afghan is composed of 38 full fans and 14 half fans that are sewn after. Let’s start by explaining with the 38 full fans.


Full Fan: making 35 colored and 3 white
Start at the bottom with A, ch 2,

ROW 1: Sc on the second ch from hook.ch 1 turn. From this point on ch 1, it should turn at the end of each line you make, unless otherwise noted.

ROW 2: (right side); 3 sc in sc.

ROW 3: 2 sc in the first sc-inc. did; sc at the next sc, 2 sc at the last sc – inc. made – 5 sc.


In Sinks: 4-11: continue to increase the points on the first and last sc until you have 21 sc.

ROW 12: 2 sc in the first sc * sc in each of the next 4 SC, 2 SC in the next SC; repeat 3 times more – 26sc.


ROW 13: Sc on each sc through. Ch 3 (counts as 1 dc of the next line), rotate.

ROW 14: Dc in the first bp and in each bp through the last bp, 2 bp in the last bp-28 bp. Ch 1, turn around.

ROW 15: sc in each dc – 28 sc. Ch 3, turn around.

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