Shell Stitch Blanket


Hello friends, welcome to another free pattern here for you on our Love quilting site, today we will learn how to crochet in the round, beautiful stitch that gives a wonderful result as well. We are always tuned in the news and tips of this world of crafts, and when we see that it is right and that you will like it we say wow ..


it would be very useful to post here. As we already need sites to learn and we find it useful to help others too, without having to buy patterns.

Working with handicrafts comes cheap and we can have income through this, and also after other benefits as a hobby and even avoid depression. Just have little money, ideas to produce, standards to follow and it is best to do this at home, without leaving your comfort and do in your time.

This is how I changed my life with this activity in my routine, bringing various emotions as satisfaction of when I finish a job and also in selling a piece that I did myself, this is very rewarding.


In addition to requests that we meet different standards, we let ideas, tips and patterns we have found and also videos to better understand.

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