Square Crochet Butterfly Pattern


Hello, let’s go to another subject where we will learn a new standard, new work for you. Today it’s about butterflies squares, and one way to earn more time and see your work finish faster is to give your piece a better finish while enhancing the product that looks perfect.

This pattern leaves the piece more delicate, combining with baby and children’s pieces, making bedspreads, baby blankets, cushions, crib decor, carpet, table rails, towels to spruce shelves and even decorating bath towels doing so smaller, is a multitude of possibilities to make this pattern.

Certainly you will delight all of your relatives and whoever does to sell will attract and delight your customers. This is an incredible and delicate technique to do your job and offer your customers differentiated and quality products, so use your imagination and start creating new parts and achieve success in your sales.

If you do it for a hobby you can do it to give someone you like, or decorate your house or your craft corner. The squares are so simple to make, but they are so precious that the joy in making them. I leave templates below for you and the video tutorial that is easier to learn.
I hope you like it and see the next article.


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