Stitch Spike Crochet


Hello friends who accompany us on the site, in this publication we will learn to make a point that also has a different arrangement. We will learn to take this step by step step by step, and further increase our knowledge and skills. This crochet stitch that we are going to learn is known as Stike Spike, it is an interesting point to learn and make in pieces such as hats, scarves, shawl, cushion covers and especially in blankets to make in different sizes


. The point Stitch Spike a lot of people like to do, for having a beautiful result to see and with the tutorials with graphics and videos makes it easier.

This point brings us to a deep sweetness and delicacy, the Stitch Spike is a versatile point, just let your creativity and your time be used, I’m sure I could make many wonderful pieces, let your imagination flow sitting in a cozy and calm place, and do your best to do the best job.

Do not waste time thinking it is not worth it, or it will take time or it is difficult because the training takes the skill. Many use as therapy even to cure depression. So let’s go there.


Below you will find the graphic and the video tutorial with the step by step, all information necessary to make this pattern.


    Crédits: Hopeful Honey