Geo Pop Pillow Free Crochet Pattern


Will you build or renovate? Find out why tile is the most suitable type of coating for the kitchen. In addition to protecting the walls against moisture and grease, it is easy to clean and still gives a charm to the decor. Compared to painting, the tile has a much greater durability, since to remove grease and dirt, just clean with neutral detergent and water. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Geo Pop Pillow.


In the decoration, it is possible to create a new environment only with the application of tiles, which is very good. First, it is necessary to decide whether the entire environment will receive the cladding or just the wall behind the sink and the stove. There are several colors and models of tile, you can make a combination or choose which model matches your furniture.

Before choosing the style of tiles to be used, it is important to evaluate your kitchen, remember this. If the environment is very small, choose tiles with light colors and without divisions, this gives a feeling of spaciousness.

There are groutings of various colors on the market, which can give interesting contrasts and can match your furniture and appliances, which is also very good.


The Portuguese tile, the one with white background and blue drawings, is the most traditional and is super hot today. Nowadays, it is possible to personalize the designs and choose the shade of blue that best suits your kitchen, which helps a lot. For those who prefer to have a cleaner kitchen, it is possible to use only one color of tile and to dare in the so-called “little bands”. There are many different models, with borders, fruit designs and utensils.

For those who want to change the environment without making too much dirt and investing less money, it is already possible to find adhesives that imitate tiles and even glass inserts, which also helps a lot. To apply them, just clean the wall thoroughly and carry out the installation according to the manufacturer’s instructions. They can be applied on old tiles as well.

Do you want to understand more about tiles, know the types and models, to choose which one suits you and your kitchen? Ask a decorator for help, which you can find by searching the internet or searching for one in your city. This professional will help you set up an ideal project for your kitchen, from the tiles, to the furniture and other small details.

Free Crochet Patterns: Geo Pop Pillow