Tickled Pink Quilt


Do you want to surprise your beloved but have no ideas for Valentine’s Day? It was for people like you that we prepared this post with lots of tips on what to do on this very special day. Check out what you can do that day, what gifts you can make yourself, how to decorate the environment, get some menu ideas, go to the soundtrack and be inspired by the most varied ideas. There are several activities to do on Valentine’s Day. If you still don’t know what you are going to do that day with your sweetheart, check out our tips for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day and yet you can learn how to make a delicate and amazing Tickled Pink Quilt.


Spread statements around the house
How about writing a few notes on the post-it as a statement and spreading it around the house? Put the messages in the areas where your sweetheart usually spends daily indoors so that it is visible and everything goes as planned. Prepare a treasure hunt! Buy a special gift and hide it somewhere in the house that is hard for your love to find. Then prepare the clues that will lead you to the reward. A fun and funny way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

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Have a picnic
If you live in a region with beautiful parks, what do you think about having a picnic on Valentine’s Day? Prepare a basket with several goodies, put a towel on the grass and enjoy the moment for two, wine and a box of chocolates are examples of what to bring in the basket.


Write a love letter
Who says writing a love letter is only for older people? There is nothing more romantic than receiving a beautiful message from the person you love in the form of a love letter. So put your creativity out and declare all your love for the person.

Serve breakfast in bed
Have you thought about waking up your sweetie with a delicious breakfast? But go for the decor, the menu and the pampering you can put with breakfast. Your love won’t complain about being woken up that way, in fact, no one would complain.

Make a dinner at home
Instead of going out to dinner, how about preparing a wonderful dinner at home? Choose a very romantic menu with a good wine to go with it. Prepare the table with candlelight and enjoy the moment, it is a classic and very beautiful way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Gift
It is not enough just to have a moment just for the couple, the ideal is to give your loved one that day to serve as a souvenir. Not sure what the best gift is? Ideally, get your hands dirty to surprise the person you love, do something to give the person, or buy something the person has wanted for a while, or something they would like to receive.

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