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Marble is synonymous with refinement and sophistication. The association is automatic, there is no way. In ancient times those who used the stone for decoration gained status of power and wealth. Marble was also widely used to sculpt sculptures, the most famous of which, Michelangelo’s David, was all made of Carrara marble. And in ancient Rome, this same marble was used for the construction of the Pantheon. Learn more about white marble and its main types in this post, plus you can also learn how to make a beautiful Sedimental Quilt:


Despite all the glamor that surrounds the stone, you need to know that not everything is perfect when talking about marble, especially white marble that has peculiar characteristics that can compromise your project. So don’t be fooled by appearances, know exactly what you want and how you want to use it.

Free Available Pattern:  Sedimental Quilt

Follow our post to learn the characteristics of one of the types of white marble (yes, that’s right, because white is not all the same) and the advantages of white marble. But let’s start by clarifying the difference between marble and granite. Know the main differences between marble and granite Can you recognize and differentiate a marble from a granite? Both are widely used and their characteristics are very similar, so they are very confused with each other. So pay attention to the details. The main and most noticeable difference between the two types of stones is the appearance. Granite has a texture that resembles dotted, while marble has a more uniform coloration, marked by the presence of long and defined veins.


Note the homogeneity of the stone to define it as marble or granite, this is a feature that helps a lot in differentiating. Another important difference between them is in porosity. Marble is more porous than granite, so it is more conducive to stains and wear over time. And speaking of wear, the granite is also sturdier, making it ideal for use in high traffic places and outdoors. The price also marks (and greatly) the difference between marble and granite. Marble, especially if imported, is much more expensive than granite.

Advantages of White Marble
1. Smoother and more uniform appearance
One of the great advantages of using white marble in the finishing of the house is its appearance, much more uniform and homogeneous when compared to granite, it will give a unique touch to the environment. White marble has a high aesthetic value and stands out in the decoration of the environments.

2. Resistance
If you are looking for a strong and resistant material, you can bet on marble, because as mentioned in this post, it is a bit more resistant. Formed mainly by the calcite and dolomite minerals, the marble is also durable and highly durable and beautiful for many years.

3. Can be used in varied projects.
The homogeneous appearance of white marble allows it to be used in different architectural projects, from the most classical to the most modern. White marble can be used on stairs, wall panels, sink countertops and counters, for example. If the intention is to leave the design clean, white marble is the ideal choice, it will not disappoint you.

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