Wings of a Butterfly Quilt


Functionality, practicality and simplicity combined with the charm, sophistication and beauty of the pieces and furniture present in the environment. These are the main features that define the modern decoration. This unique style of decoration comes from the same modernist concept that emerged in the first half of the twentieth century. Modernists revolutionized the arts and architecture by suggesting an aesthetics based on the maxim known as “less is more”, even dictating the trends of minimalist and contemporary style that would emerge soon after. Within the modernist concept, the decor needs to be useful and not just beautiful, as well as representing the personality and lifestyle of the residents. In today’s post you will see more about this decor and still see the pattern of a beautiful Wings of a Butterfly Quilt.


If you, like many people out there, have already surrendered to the charms of modern decor, but still have questions on how to decorate in this style, keep following the post. We will give you some amazing and useful information for you to assemble the perfect modern decoration for your home without mistake. Check out:

Free Available Pattern:  Wings of a Butterfly Quilt

Neutrality and sobriety are incredibly fundamental in modern style decor. Therefore, the color palette must be carefully thought out before use. But calm down this is simpler than it sounds. For starters, the white. This is the color most used in the modern style and should be used at the base of the decor, to contrast choose the shades of gray or black, but in smaller quantity. Earth tones such as brown and beige can also be used.


The most vibrant and striking colors should be used in smaller pieces such as pillows, clocks and vases, for example, they will give a charm and a special touch to the environment. Pastel colors are a good choice for bringing color without interfering too much with the neutrality of the environment, but you can dare a little more, especially using the primary colors blue, red and yellow. Bottom line: Neutral tones at the base mixed with primary or pastel colors. Very simple so far isn’t it?

Furniture and parts with function
All furniture and decoration objects must have a reason for being in space. No clutter with chairs, tables and other unused items. In fact, the concept here is ‘the less the merrier’. Another tip is to bet on multifunction furniture such as sofa beds and retractable tables, for example. The floor lamps are also a sure bet on the modern style as they decorate with a lot of functionality and leave the very beautiful environment. Personal objects such as paintings, picture frames and other trinkets should be used very carefully so as not to visually overload the space. When in doubt, one piece or another.

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