Winterberry Baby Blanket


Want to hide, disguise or delimit environments? Then the wood partition is the perfect option for you. This simple structure that can be made from slats or solid wood boards only has advantages and we will tell you all of them in today’s post, and of course teach you how to make a beautiful wood partition to leave your home. Even more charming. Come with us: Wood partitions can be divided into three main types: hollow, whole and screen. It is also worth mentioning that this type of partition can be made with wood or MDF, everything will depend on the visual effect that is intended to cause. In this post you’ll see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Winterberry Baby Blanket.


The hollow wood partition is almost always made of wood slats that can be installed vertically, horizontally or diagonally and are very useful. This type of partition is ideal for those who want to give a slight disguise in some environment of the house, but without completely hiding it. It also works well for sectoring and enclosing integrated environments such as the dining room and living room or balcony and laundry area.

Free Pattern Available: Winterberry Baby Blanket

Remembering that you can determine the spacing between the slats, leaving them closer or further apart. The wood partition can also be found with different designs and shapes, in hollow style, creating a beautiful visual effect, whichever model you choose will give your decor a unique effect. Another very common type of wood partition is the one-piece type. Here, the main indication of use is when you want to achieve a little more privacy in some room of the house or when you want to completely hide parts of a room or an entire room.


The wooden partition, in these cases, acts as a kind of wall, completely closed. This type of partition is great for use in closets so as to hide it behind the headboard, for example. Business and corporate environments also have much to benefit from this type of partition. And lastly, you can still opt for a wooden screen. Smaller, portable and charming, the wooden screens work very well as simple wooden dividers, giving a special touch to the environments, and believe me, they help a lot.

Far beyond a partition
Wooden partitions do not need, nor should they be just partitions. They can also function as a vertical garden, support for niches and shelves, as well as beautiful as a support for decorative objects, vases and paintings. The wooden partitions still yield great TV stands. Wooden partitions guarantee environments autonomy, independence and privacy, but without losing aesthetic value, they help a lot in many different ways.

Easy to assemble and disassemble
Unlike a masonry wall or drywall, wood partitions are very practical to build, install and later, if necessary, dismantle. All this without causing any inconvenience, dirt or breakage, are practical and very beautiful.

Take it anywhere
Very lightweight and easy to assemble and dismantle, the wood partitions gain another advantage: they can be replaced and placed in other environments without much effort. Tired of the wood partition in the kitchen? Put her in the room, for example. This would never be possible with a conventional wall, so the partitions are so famous.

Brightness and ventilation
Wood partitions still have the incredible advantage of allowing light and ventilation into the room for cast and slat models. That is, you divide the spaces without losing light and fresh air and still get a special touch in the decoration.

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