Whipped Cream Dress


Want a beautiful, cheap and super versatile decoration? Then write down this tip: puff for bedroom. Yes, this simple and functional piece may be just what was missing in your room. So in today’s post, we invite you to get to know the different models of puff and to learn how to make a beautiful Whipped Cream Dress, check out: How good to buy a piece that is both beautiful and cheap . And with the puff, that’s exactly what happens. Nowadays there are thousands of options available on the internet with prices that vary widely, it’s up to you to choose the model that best fits your budget and your decorative preferences.


But just to give you an idea, you can buy a room puff from $ 60 on online sites. The size of your room is also not a problem when it comes to decorating with beanbags. This is because the piece can be found in different sizes, from the smallest to the largest and most spacious. Remembering that it is always important to leave a free area of ​​at least 60 cm between the puff and other furniture in the room, so take all necessary measures.

Free Pattern Available: Whipped Cream Dress

Formats to choose from
Just as there are different size options, there are also different puff format options, each more beautiful and elegant than the other. The most popular and well known are the round, square and rectangular beanbags. But which one to choose? It all depends on the size of your room and where the piece will be placed. For those who want to use the puff as a recamier on the edge of the bed, for example, the most interesting is to opt for a rectangular shape. Round models, on the other hand, work better on the sides of the room, as they also tend to have a larger space. The square puffs in turn are amazing when the intention is to use the piece as a support or table.


Colors, prints and fabrics out of sight
Another great advantage of beanbags is that you have at your disposal a huge variety of colors, prints and fabrics to choose from and when you get tired of that composition just renew the lining, so you change not only the face of the puff but also the face of the environment. In addition to all these advantages, the room puff still stands out for adding a lot of functionality and practicality in everyday life. It can be used for so many things you would even want to make a list (below you give some suggestions for use). But generally, think of him as a friend for all hours.

For children and adults
The room beanbag can be used in both nursery and single, adult and double rooms. To make this transition, simply choose the model that best suits your environment. A very interesting, modern and original way to use beanbags in the bedroom is to put them in place of the traditional nightstand. For this, choose a model of suitable height to be placed beside the bed and in a size that does not disturb the circulation in the room. Puffs have many uses and models, which one will you choose?

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