Silent Night Table Runner


You may have already seen numerous photos of large, neutrally colored kitchens with functional furniture. What you may not know is that these are some of the key features of modern kitchens. If you like this style but are not sure how to use it there in your kitchen, then be sure to follow this post. Let’s talk about modern kitchens and still bring you the pattern of a beautiful Silent Night Table Runner. to help you decorate check out: What is modern style? Before you want to decorate the kitchen following the modern style is important to know, recognize and identify this decorating proposal. The “modern” concept in interior decoration originates with the modernist art school and emerged in the first half of the twentieth century.


Modernists revolutionized architecture with an aesthetics based on the idea of ​​“less is more”, even serving as the basis for styles that would follow shortly thereafter, such as the minimalist and contemporary, which are very famous and widely used today by all. who want to decorate their homes. Modern decoration is first and foremost useful and functional. Nothing that integrates modern aesthetics is irrelevant or unnecessary. See below for other important features of the modern style of decoration:

Free Available Pattern: Silent Night Table Runner Pattern

Brightness is a hallmark of modern kitchens. In addition to making the environment naturally brighter, light also contributes to creating a spaciousness effect, which is also very important in this style of decoration. To make your kitchen brighter bet on large windows, using light-reflecting mirrors and light colors, your kitchen will be elegantly lit.


Neutral tones
Another hallmark of modern style is neutral tones. They can come in both darker and lighter shades. The tip is: if you have a small kitchen, prefer light colors, but if your kitchen is large and high ceilinged, dark colors can be used without fear that they will look beautiful. If you have decided to follow the light tone palette, bet on colors such as white, light gray, sky blue, coral and leaf green. If you want to venture into dark and closed tones, opt for the shades of black, dark blue, burgundy, dark gray and wood that leave the atmosphere with a special touch.

Functionality above all. Remember this when decorating the kitchen in a modern style. Look for multifunctional furniture like counters that serve as cabinets, retractable furniture, and space-optimizing models. Do not overload the kitchen with useless objects and furniture. Creating free areas is essential in this style, you can also give them a charm by using plants.

Integrated environments are another strong trend in modern style decorations, which is why it is so common to see kitchens integrated into the living room or dining room. The modern concept prizes a lot for coexistence and interaction and for that nothing better than joining environments, which is very common to be done.

Free and breathing areas
The more free space in the kitchen the better and more modern it will be. One tip to getting these breather areas is to opt for shelves, niches and overhead cabinets as a way to vacate the floor. If your kitchen is large choose to use an island in its center, so the environment is not too impersonal and you get another element beyond modern and functional.

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