Liberty Quilt of Valor


Neon decor is considered the new darling of the interior design world. This is because neon lighting blends perfectly with any style and ends up being a wild card in environments. But to choose the ideal piece you need to follow some tips, as the wrong lighting can make the decoration of the environment very flashy. However, not everyone knows how to decorate a house with neon. With that in mind, we have some tips on how to make the environment more modern and charming with neon style pieces. But it is good to know that it is not difficult to compose a decoration with neon lighting. In today’s post we will talk more about it and still bring the pattern of a beautiful Liberty Quilt of Valor.


What you need to do is be careful when making combinations, not being afraid to dare in the shape of objects, try to balance the choice of colors, and use lighting at strategic points in the house. Follow the ideas we separate in this post that cater to various types of environments. Note the combinations of furniture, wall tone and light colors. For your part, the most important thing is to use creativity to your advantage. Neon is amazingly useful, just know how to use.

Free Available Pattern: Liberty Quilt of Valor

What is neon?
Neon is a gaseous chemical element found throughout the universe. To produce the effect tests were made with tubes that could be bent and were placed inside them neon gas. After that, neon lights were widely used in advertising. The goal was to provide eye-catching visual effects to get customers’ attention. The technique is still widely used in cities like Las Vegas and New York. Its most common form is mainly signpost, as facades of some establishments. However, the object has been widespread in home decorations because of the light effect that provides the environments, and leaving the place more modern, beautiful, elegant and with a slightly retro air.


How to use neon in home decor
Neon lighting helps a lot to improve the aesthetics of a home. No wonder it has become a trend in the interior design universe, but we need to make some combinations when decorating the environment. As neon is very flashy, always makes the environment more irreverent. So be careful not to overdo it when decorating. Check out some tips on how to use neon in home decor.

Use neon at strategic points
If you don’t want to overdo your home decor, you need to use neon at strategic points in the room. In this case, you need to use creativity to fit the object into the right place that matches the rest of the decoration. Some walls, plaster recess, paintings or other decorative objects can be considered as strategic points. So use the neon to brighten a darker environment or highlight some area of ​​the house.

Don’t be afraid to dare
Most decorations that use neon lighting are pure boldness. Therefore, it is essential not to be afraid of playing with colors, knowing how to perfectly balance the incidence of neon light in the environment in which to use it. You can bet on signs with funny and shocking phrases. Another option is to create different and irreverent objects that match the rest of the decoration, just hire someone to make an object in the shape you want.

Enjoy to make the environment more modern
Despite being an old material, neon lighting only became a trend in home decorations in a short time. However, this type of decoration suits any style, even if it is something more retro. When you make combinations with modern decorative items, the whole environment follows the same style. But it’s good to invest in custom fixtures to get away from something more classic and traditional. Neon is a great help when decorating the house and is also used a lot in geek decoration.

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