Jelly Roll Road to Oklahoma Quilt


Traffic jams, pollution and a quality of life that leaves something to be desired. Living in the country may be a salvation for those who want to escape the madness of big cities, but if you can’t afford it at the moment, you may find the comfort and tranquility you need in the rustic décor. That’s right. This warm, comfortable and intimate décor is not limited to farmhouses. On the contrary, it has been a long time being used in urban houses providing the same warm effect of the interior houses, leaving the house with a very special touch. If you already know this style, but still don’t know how to use it for decoration, then you need to check this post.


You will learn how to make a rustic décor and learn how to make a beautiful and delicate Jelly Roll Road to Oklahoma Quilt. Let’s start by talking about what are the main features of rustic decoration and what can not miss in this style. Check out:

Free Available Pattern: Jelly Roll Road to Oklahoma Quilt Pattern

Main features of rustic decoration
1. Wood
Wood is the basis of rustic decoration. It is critical to printing this style in the environment. But the material need not only be used in furniture, wood can be present in the ceiling beams, ceiling, floor and wall cladding. If you want to create an even more rustic atmosphere, invest in demolition wood and without any finishing to be used in your decoration. If the goal is to create a sophisticated rustic, prefer the polished woods.


The bricks are also a mark of the rustic decoration. Very popular in the industrial style they guarantee that stripped and “unfinished” look of the style. So if you are thinking of exploring this decoration in your home, invest in that element. You can either build a wall from them or use ready-made coverings that perfectly mimic the material. If you want a cleaner, smoother finish, just paint them white.

Old furniture
Old and heavy wooden furniture can be used without fear in this type of decoration. This is also a great opportunity to recycle and reuse that wooden table or bench that was owned by your grandparents. These furniture are charming, but too much can compromise the decor, making it too heavy. So don’t get carried away.

Several types of coverings can be used in rustic style decoration. The most common, besides the brick already mentioned, are the synthetic materials that very accurately imitate noble elements such as wood, stones and leather that give a special touch to the environment. Preferred for this type of finish are porcelain tile, laminate flooring and vinyl flooring. These types of coverings can completely cover the walls or floor, but can also serve to highlight any area of ​​the environment, such as a fireplace, oven area or TV wall. Another type of flooring that is on the rise in interior decoration and which you have probably heard a lot about is burnt cement. And not only on the floor, it can also be applied to the walls.

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