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Beds are essential to contribute to our rest and ensure quality so that we have a great night’s sleep. But, we are not talking about any bed, since there are currently several models that can collaborate with the comfort of our daily lives, we are talking about beds that go beyond appearances and must be taken into account when selecting them. For this reason, Bedrooms Etc brings today the theme of how to choose the ideal bed to ensure that you sleep peacefully and comfortably. In this post we will see more about it and we will teach you how to make a beautiful African Violet Afghan. This piece of furniture needs to be part of the set that makes up the room, which often follows a theme or a style, for example:


Modern, contemporary, classic, vintage, retro, rustic, among others that need specific furniture to add meaning to the combination of the environment. This is the first step to be considered before purchasing the bed, so think carefully. Luckily, the trends are so varied and you will rarely find something that fits the desired model. The advantage is that this furniture can perform some functions in addition to convenience, so the next step requires you to be aware of the type of functionality you are looking for.

Image By: Kristen Clay

Free Available Pattern: African Violet Afghan

It is the opportunity to combine beauty, comfort and utility. Still don’t know how? So, let’s go! Check out some tips: The single room follows an individual and intimate logic, providing an alternative style. The bed does not necessarily need to be versatile and be accompanied by other functions, but it is important to be careful with the size of the space, so that the shape is not mistaken, the bed must be the right size for the room, neither too large nor too small. Here, the moment is free to use creativity and make the bed a relevant piece in the decoration of the environment. In addition, using headboards and pillows can be a great option for those who want a differential in the room. But, if you are looking to create a comfortable and multifunctional space, you cannot give up some complementary pieces.

Give preference to the designed and built-in beds, making the use of bedside tables, drawers and side table essential. The room made for the couple needs to be harmonious and compatible with the taste of the two people. If you have space, be sure to choose the large beds with wide headboards, they are incredible and cozy and leave a sophisticated touch in the environment. The goal is always to cherish comfort. This type of bed can be complemented with stools and puffs, bringing the maximum quality possible so that your comfort is guaranteed. Another option is, especially for those looking for a box style bed, but far from what is standardized.


Wood is an excellent alternative to use as a support and to combine, also, with the rest of the furniture and accessories. Not to mention that it is a very sophisticated and traditional trend. The children’s room has an obligation to the child to be a pleasant, playful environment and bring many features. The bed must contain more than one purpose, for example, it can be transformed into a sofa or obtain methods and forms of security. There is a model that has two equal sides, the same size and height. The tip is to lean it against the wall and abuse the pillows to create a sofa. It is appropriate to use this type of bed both in the bedroom and in playrooms. Use your imagination to build a special corner for your little one.

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Image By: Kristen Clay

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