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Gray is a neutral color that never goes out of style, so if you want to invest in a timeless decoration for your bathroom and that will not tire over time, surely the gray bathroom is one of the best options. So we made this post with tips for decorating the bathroom and gray and the tutorial for a beautiful and incredible Ombre Crochet Basket. Check out! As gray is a neutral color, the gray bathroom has the great advantage of being able to have several types of decoration, from the most contemporary, through the classic and even a rustic decoration as in the case of the gray bathroom with wood.


Another great advantage of investing in a gray bathroom is that whether it is a small bathroom or even a larger one you can find a shade that will enhance your space and the decor of the environment leaving everything very beautiful. In addition, the gray decorated bathrooms still have the possibility of being combined with several other colors to complement the decor, from more vivid colors like yellow and red, to sober tones like white and black.

Free Crochet Pattern: Ombre Crochet Basket

And contrary to what you might imagine, it is not necessary that gray predominates in the decoration of the toilet, it may have some elements in this color such as the gray covering for the area of ​​the bathroom stall, but the rest of the space must be decorated in another color of your preference so that everything is not too monotonous. Gray and white bathroom. The gray and white bathroom is that combination without error, after all, the two colors are neutral and complement each other perfectly. To design the gray and white bathroom decor you just need to choose a style and analyze whether the space is large or compact.


In the case of a gray and large white bathroom, it is possible to use darker shades of gray and even make it the main color in the decoration, while for small bathrooms it is more interesting to use lighter shades of gray, or if you prefer you can also leave gray just a few details like decorative objects and white in most of the bathroom. Black and gray bathroom. Just like the gray and white bathroom, the black and gray bathroom is also easy to decorate due to the neutral colors and believe it or not, the result is also very beautiful.

But in this case, as black is a very strong color, it is important to leave it in detail, especially when we talk about small bathrooms. One tip is to invest in black and gray bathroom decor using lighter shades of gray in most of the room. The black and gray bathroom also usually has a very contemporary decor and a minimalist style that is very beautiful and leaves everything with a modern look. The black and gray bathroom can, for example, receive a lighting design that helps the environment to be lighter and also more cozy, something essential for this style of bathroom.

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