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The wardrobe is undoubtedly one of the main furniture in the room, after all, it helps us organize clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. However, the market offers several wardrobe models, among them is the wardrobe with mirror that can bring more functionality and even a sense of spaciousness to your small room. And for you who are wondering whether or not to invest in a mirrored wardrobe we made this post showing all the advantages of this furniture and the tutorial of a beautiful The Painting Flowers Quilt. Check out! Many people are in doubt whether or not to buy a wardrobe with a mirror, after all they are usually more expensive than traditional wardrobe models.


However, it is necessary to think about what your real needs that the wardrobe with mirror can supply and in what benefits this item can bring to the decoration of your room with closet or without close up because nothing better than having a functional item that still complements the decor . First of all it is important to remember that this wardrobe model can be found in different forms such as the sliding door wardrobe with mirror, white wardrobe with mirror in addition to the smaller models, excellent for the single room and other larger ones that are great for double bedroom.

Free Pattern Available: The Painting Flowers Quilt

In addition, one of the main advantages of investing in a wardrobe with mirror for the bedroom is that it helps in the feeling of spaciousness of the environment, something essential for small rooms, it is still important to remember that the wardrobe with mirror also guarantees a more sophisticated decoration to the environment harmonizing easily from a room with a modern style, to the most simple or sophisticated rooms, it is a very practical and beautiful item. Another great advantage of using the mirrored wardrobe to decorate the room is practicality.


We all like to take a last look at the look before leaving the house, but we often do not have a suitable place to accommodate a large mirror, so the wardrobe with a mirror can come in bringing more balance, space optimization and convenience for the our day to day, and the best, without taking up so much space. Decorating the double room is not always an easy task, after all, it is necessary to take into account the taste of both, in addition, it is important that the double wardrobe with mirror has compartments that can store their clothes, shoes and accessories, therefore, the best option is a large wardrobe with a mirror, but of course, always taking into account the size of the room.

A tip for choosing the double wardrobe with mirror is always to opt for the more traditional models with wooden finish or at most a white wardrobe with mirror, always aiming for a neutral decoration so that everything matches well. To complement the decor of the bedroom with a double wardrobe with a mirror and put the personality touches that were missing in the environment, it is interesting to invest in decorative objects, bedding, lamps and more. The single wardrobe with mirror is less common, however, with patience and enough research it is possible to find the ideal model of single wardrobe with mirror for your room.

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