Grandma’s Star Quilt Block

There are days when all we want is to give a new look to our home and an easy way to do that is by investing in wall decoration. There are many ideas for decorating walls, some are so easy that you can even make them with items you probably already have in your home.

With that in mind, we have prepared ten ideas for decorated walls that are sure to delight and motivate you to get your hands dirty and redesign your home.

Check out our wall decor tips below, as well as the tutorial for a beautiful Grandma’s Star Quilt Block.


Due to the technological advances that we have today, it is rare to reveal photos, however, with the return of instant cameras – those that reveal photos at the same moment they were taken – many people have fallen in love with having photos printed again.

One of the ideas for decorated wall is to use photos of this type.

The wall decoration with photos is super fun and very easy to do. You can use string and make a clothesline from photos or even stick them on the wall in the shape of figures like a heart, for example, this will give a very special touch to the environment

Generally, photos are used for bedroom wall decor, but of course, they can also be used to decorate other rooms in the house. The entrance hall with walls decorated with a clothesline and some potted plants can be super charming.

A lot of people think that the flashing lights can only be used in the Christmas season, but this is where you are wrong, it can only be used in decoration too. The blinker provides a super pleasant atmosphere to the environments and can be used easily for wall decoration.

The blinker can be used both in the decoration of the living room, bedroom, corridors, in short, it is very democratic.


To use blinkers on decorated walls you can create an environment as if it were a lighted clothesline, just like in a wall decoration project that we saw.

But it is also possible to form drawings with the flasher wire or even use it to illuminate a clothesline of photos for bedroom wall decoration, this will already make your wall very beautiful.

Certainly one of the most traditional ways to decorate the wall is using wallpaper, it is very popular today and helps a lot in that purpose. In the market we find wallpaper of all kinds, colorful, with prints, in 3D, for wall decoration of baby room, for male room, female room, in short, for sure you will have a model that will please you.

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