Jaunty Snowmen


Christmas is one of the most awaited times of the year! After all, gathering all your loved ones, preparing and / or eating a delicious supper, exchanging gifts, catching up with the vows, renewing the vows is contagious and, with the right decoration, the holiday spirit is even more evident! Today we will talk about Christmas decoration, we will help you understand a little more and even show you an amazing work, so com with us and let’s do it:


We have already made a post about simple and inexpensive Christmas decorations and, to continue turbocharging your preparations, we separate this post further to help you fill your home or any other environment with joy, warmth and, of course, respecting your personality!

Free Available Pattern: Jaunty Snowmen

This item is a joker when decorating the house, not only for its aesthetics, but for its functionality: it creates a significant volume, makes the space more inviting, leaves your feet away from the cold floor, brings more comfort. In addition, it is affordable and has a variety of unusual prints, shapes and shades, capable of pleasing different styles. To help you with your ideal composition, consider some considerations before putting your ideas into practice. Come on?


Prints: try to think of the existing decoration outside the other ornaments that will complement the environment not to overdose. It is impossible to make mistakes, for example, with the softest fabric covers and shades, with less flashy patterns such as garlands, geometric, flowers, snowflakes, plaid. If the room needs a festive touch, highlight it with its distinctive colors (green and red) and fun patterns with iconic phrases or Christmas figures like Santa Claus, reindeer, penguin, snowman, bell, pine which are icons. at Christmas time;

Bet on customization: To save money, upgrade existing ones, or even give your own personal touch, pull out the sewing set, draw beads, threads, sequins, satin ribbons, fabric pens and workmanship ! Unique covers are a must-have and great gift ideas! Game: A themed carpet already fulfills its role perfectly in the setting, but a set – especially for large rooms and rooms – make the decor more complete! The secret to success lies in blending neutral tones with vibrant models!

Carpet workshop: You have no affinity for painting and want to entertain the kids on the big night? Here’s a great activity to call the most creative and ask for help! As Christmas has a specific decoration, they will not lack references and imagination for them to draw and play with their own creations, isn’t that wonderful?

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