Casablanca Crochet Square


The oriental style is gaining more and more space in homes, be it inside or some characteristic for the facade of your home. For an oriental decoration it is interesting to convey the feeling of tranquility in the space, so harmony must be present in the composition of the furniture and colors. Japanese decoration seeks balance and minimalism, values ​​space and maintains only the essentials without exaggeration in architecture. Opt for pieces that are really needed in the furniture, even better if the furniture is multifunctional. In this post you will learn a little more about it and also learn how to make this amazing Casablanca Crochet Square.


We must avoid overloading the environment, use minimal accessories and leave the walls as free as possible. The environment is kept simple and organized. If you identify with this style, here are some tips to help decorate: The soft colors are very welcome, focus on beige, brown and gray, they are the most used colors today and they are also the ones that combine more. Gold and red are used for decorative details.

Free Crochet Pattern: Casablanca Crochet Square

Black highlights the division’s geometric shapes. Japanese style furniture is low due to the Japanese eating and sleeping at ground level. Also forget the carpets or marble floors, invest in the tatami (traditional Japanese floor) and cushions to sit on the floor, these items are the most used and complement the decor. Use wooden furniture like natural fibers: bamboo, straw, linen and rattan. Mystical objects and furniture are great for setting, such as china tableware and vases.


Floral prints or traditional elements such as birds, fans and cherry trees are great themes. In the bedroom, the beds are low and arranged at floor level. The main object is the futon, a mattress with layers of cotton and placed on a wooden mat. Round dome lamp is classic in this decor style. Include nature in the space so put a small fountain, bonsai or a bamboo plant to create an authentic Japanese interior, these items add a special touch to the decor and are very beautiful.

The traditional Japanese doors, known as shoji or fusuma, are sliding doors made of wood and paper. They are great to complete the decoration and separate rooms or use as a cabinet door. It is very common to have a hot tub in the bathroom, it is known for being a traditional Japanese bathtub that allows you to bathe. Very similar to a western bathtub, but with a different and deeper shape. Following these tips you will have an incredible result that will surprise you.

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