Squares Quilt


The rug is an indispensable accessory for those who want to enhance their home decor. In addition to making the environment more comfortable, it brings joy and personality without needing many resources. Therefore, we dedicate this post with tips on how to choose the ideal rug for the room, in harmony with the decor of the environment to you, and in it you will still learn how to make a beautiful Squares Quilt. It is worth remembering that the choice of the rug is one of the last items in a room design, since the furniture is the essential pieces for the purchase of the rug. If you already have a rug in particular, try to start from it through a color chart. The rugs go well on any floor and can be cold or wooden.


And today with the integrated rooms we can use more than one rug in the same space, remembering to try to choose the same shade of colors or something that refers to the combination between them and between the environment. There are 4 points that deserve attention when choosing the ideal rug for the room, check them all below:

Free Pattern Available: Squares Quilt

Living room size. First of all, it is essential to check the size of the room to observe how the piece fits in the place. The rug is usually in the central part of the room, so always look for a larger size so that it is stuck under the sofa, preventing accidents such as slipping. This is also a way to integrate with the other items: center table, side table, table lamp, armchairs, vases and other items. After analyzing the format of your room and the proposal you want to follow, you can choose its format: it can be rectangular, round or square. Any of the three has an incredible final result and will make your room very beautiful. Round rugs are ideal for highlighting an object, and can even be the center table or a floor lamp. Decoration style. Having defined the style of your room, it is possible to choose infinite models and prints.


For those with a modern and youthful style, the ideal is to dare with the choice of geometric rugs with inverse colors or shades (black and white, red and blue, yellow and pink …). In the classic style, the ideal is to choose a cotton wool rug and if it is a formal room, the Persian rugs do not go out of fashion and leave the environment with an incredible and beautiful touch. If you don’t want to go wrong, invest in a shag rug, it can adapt well in any room, leaving a beautiful look. Colors. Colors may depend on the size of the room. As we talked about in other posts, the dark tones always diminish the atmosphere, invest in them if you have a large and modern room. The colors are good for those who have a neutral sofa in which the rug does not clash in composition, remembering that a touch of color always brings life to the environment.

Neutral colors like: beige, white and gray make the trio perfect for any type of living room. Material. The rugs can be made of wool, acrylic, polyester, leather or synthetic fiber. Wool rugs are more durable and soft, are usually of high quality and therefore more expensive. They also have a wide variety of colors because wool accepts dye well, widely used in tapestry. If you want a cheaper option, acrylic imitates texture very well, but its durability is lower. Polyester rugs, on the other hand, are the famous fuzzy and shiny ones, widely used in TV rooms, making the environment very beautiful and modern. For those who have any type of allergy, it is recommended to opt for leather or synthetic fibers, which are more affordable than the first option. The last tip to make the rug functional on a daily basis is to put a non-slip adhesive tape under it. This makes it stick to the floor, in addition to keeping it in the correct position avoiding its repositioning on a daily basis and preventing slipping.

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