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The orange color is not a very common tone when decorating the house. This is because many people do not know its true meaning and end up scared by the vividness of color. Thinking about it, we prepared this post with the main color information for you to know. In addition, here are some decorating tips to get you started introducing color into your home environment. The orange color is a color that has been formed by mixing the red and yellow primary colors. Therefore it is considered a warm and vibrant color that means success, joy, prosperity and vitality. In this post we will talk more about it and you can learn how to make a beautiful Cats Afghan.


Usually the color orange is associated with creativity, as the color awakens the mind to receive and assimilate new ideas. But color also provides a lot of enthusiasm, energy and improves communication. Just as color resembles fun, warmth and freedom, so too can it be related to nervousness, discontent and anxiety. Therefore, it is necessary to be very careful when using the color, do not overdo the environment and choose well what to use.

Free Available Pattern: Cats Afghan

Here are some of the main features of the orange color: Orange is considered a secondary color that arose from the mixture of red and yellow; Conveying a warm sensation and being associated with fire and light, the orange color is considered a warm color; It is considered a complementary color to blue because it is located at the opposite end of this color; The orange color is seen as a bright, uplifting and optimistic color;


Orange is associated with the fall season because it is the time for color change, moving from bright summer colors to the cooler, neutral colors of winter, and the color we see on most leaves at this time; One of the main characteristics of the orange color is the association with the young public; Being considered young, the color turns out to be quite popular. What is the curiosity about the color orange? The orange color has many more meanings than we think. See some curiosities that are related to color.

The color orange was called Geoluhread (yellow-red) because there was no name for it in the past; As it is associated with safety and danger, objects and clothing that refer to it gain highlights with the color orange; In Buddhism the color orange means a spirit of sacrifice, transformation and courage. Therefore, the robes of Buddhist monks are orange; As the orange color draws attention, it is used to identify the “black box” of aircraft in case of accidents;

Dionysus (Bacchus) who is considered the god of fertility, drunkenness and wine wore orange and was always surrounded by priestesses with the orange garment; The Dutch royal family’s last name is orange, the color symbolizing the family and the national football team; Women tend to wear more orange parts than men, and the tone fits very well with dark or tanned women; The color orange is considered the color of summer; The skin color of the Indians is orange. Do you know of any of these curiosities?

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