Grannies and Ripples


Tidying up is one of the most procrastinating tasks in life. And the explanation for this is quite simple: housework is ungrateful, because as soon as we are done with cleaning, something is already out of place. But don’t panic, there are techniques that make every mortal’s life easier when it comes to tidying up the house and ensuring a longer lasting tidiness. With a certain organization and division of tasks you will see that it is possible to keep your home habitable without much stress. How to clean the house: change your habits! In this post we will talk more about it and you can still learn how to make this beautiful Grannies and Ripples. The first step to ensuring order and cleanliness in your home is to change small habits:


Make a cleaning schedule that is realistic for you to use, meaning there’s no point in creating a to-do list that you can hardly do. Your to-do list has to adapt to your routine. If you share a home with a friend or family, define each other’s responsibilities for cleaning and organizing the home. So no one gets overwhelmed and everyone helps in some way. Define tasks that should be done every day, tasks that should be done once a week, and tasks that can be done once a month.

Free Available Pattern: Grannies and Ripples

For example: making the bed and sweeping the kitchen are daily tasks we all do, changing sheets can be weekly or biweekly, and cleaning the windows or refrigerator can be framed as monthly tasks. Get used to being a person who avoids the mess. Whenever you eat in the living room or bedroom, bring the plates and glasses to the sink immediately. When you get home, keep bags, coats and shoes in their place, and do not leave personal items scattered.


Reduce the amount of paper. When receiving correspondence, immediately discard unnecessary items such as envelopes and promotional letters so that they do not accumulate and become a mess. Keep only what is indispensable as proof of payment and bills. Try to detach from items you no longer use. The golden rule is: six months without use, you must donate. And that goes for clothes, magazines, newspapers, books, toys and even home furnishings. If you didn’t even know that object existed that means it has no use in your life.

The bedroom is the biggest mess generator in a house, as it is a restricted access room (hardly any visitors will circulate around the rooms), the tendency is to relax a little about the organization. Before you start cleaning, open the windows and let the air be fresh inside the room. If you can do this every day for even a short time, your health is grateful. Make your bed as soon as you wake up or before you leave home. Roll out the sheets and comforters and set a date to change the bedding.

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