Havana Afghan CAL


In the past, the beds already saw with headboards, but with the emergence of box beds the double headboards started to be thought separately. Now, they not only complement the bed, but also play a key role in decorating the room. In addition to being decorative, the double headboards fulfill some important functions for the comfort of the room. They prevent contact with the cold wall and provide a comfortable backrest for those sitting on the bed. In today’s post you will be able to see more about it and also learn how to make a beautiful Havana Afghan CAL.


When choosing the ideal headboard it is important to take into account the size of the room and the predominant decorative style. There are headboards manufactured in different materials, shapes and sizes, so having this information in mind, before purchase, makes choosing easier and brings more satisfaction with the end result, so you can’t go wrong.

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To make no mistake when choosing your headboard, check out some tips below. They will answer your questions and inspire you in the decoration. Come on? Double headboard upholstered in corino. For a sober and elegant style room invest in noble and exquisite fabric headboards in your decor. The upholstery can also make the headboard more comfortable when touching. Double headboard made on the wall itself. You can opt for a room where the front half wall acts as a headboard for the bed.


The top of the wall can gain shelf status and accommodate personal and decorative objects. Iron double headboard wrapping the bed. A stylish and characterful room can bet on an iron headboard that spans the entire bed. Double headboard made of natural fiber. One of the advantages of the headboard being created separately from the bed is the possibility of using different materials, the option can be to use natural fiber in combination with the other elements of the room.

Double upholstered headboard with lamp. The headboard of a bed was can be leaned against only half of the wall. The rest of the headboard can function as a partition within the room itself, increasing the free area of ​​the wall and decreasing the corridor gap without, however, impairing the circulation area. Double headboard over headboard. In your bedroom you can choose to use two headboards. The first, white, can be marked by the wall itself, while the second can be closer to the bed and can be all upholstered. Both blend in with the rest of the room’s décor.

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