Charmalade Quilt


A messy house is discouraging, isn’t it? At the same time that you take care that the decoration is up to date and with everything you like best, there inevitably comes a time when things start to accumulate and what was meant to make the environment more beautiful and pleasant begins to leave you heavy, with excess of objects and that pleasure with the place is lost. See how home organization can help decorate the environment. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Charmalade Quilt.


The ideal in the decoration is that the elements can be completed, without standing out or leaving heavy decoration. In this way, one or two paintings can give the environment a rich and discreet appearance, but five paintings, for example, will leave the place loaded. This works for almost every room and decorative item in the house.

If you love to innovate in the decoration of home environments, you should focus on the organization of your home and always pay attention to: Avoid the accumulation of objects, which has become increasingly common; Use the decoration to complete the environment and don’t overdo it; It is not necessary to use everything at the same time; Have a safe place to store your items when you’re not using them.

For some people avoiding accumulation is a very difficult task to do, but if you know how to combine and use at the appropriate times without jeopardizing the organization of the home, you will not lose the charm of the decoration and will be able to vary it frequently.

Free Pattern Available: Charmalade Quilt


In order not to let your decoration become a frequent mess, the ideal is that part of the objects are arranged at home and a part is kept, waiting for your turn to be used, so keep that in mind. By leaving the environment messy, this will influence the quality of life of the residents, making it more difficult to maintain cleanliness and comfort.

So, the more you dedicate yourself to organizing your home, there will certainly be more satisfaction on the part of the people who frequent that space, which is very good. We understand that the organization is part of the decoration so that there is no excessive accumulation of objects. But where is it possible to keep all this?

If you live in a house with space, pack your decorative items in bubble wrap and carefully store them in boxes, leaving it in a place with little people passing through so there is no risk of breaking your precious object. If you don’t have that much space at home, one option is self storage, a type of temporary storage where you can rent a container to store furniture, documents, clothes, collections and objects in general, including decorative pieces.

Widely used for periods of change or renovation, self storage is a more modern and safer alternative to lack of space at home. Regardless of where you are going to store your objects, do not forget to pack them carefully and safely and that way you can always expand and change the home decor and nothing will be broken in the process.

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