Joyous Dream Quilt


Bedroom wall stickers are a cheap and quick option to transform space. They can be used in baby, boy, girl, female, male, double rooms, wherever you prefer! Here we will give tips on how to choose the most beautiful models of wall stickers and offer the pattern of a beautiful Joyous Dream Quilt. The choice of wall sticker for baby room or wallpaper, which is also a good option to make this room more beautiful, is usually a moment full of expectation, as it is part of the preparation for the arrival in the world of a new little beloved and expected.


So it is very important for dads and moms to get that decision right. Our first tip for choosing the wall sticker for baby room is to pay attention to the colors that will be used. It should match the rest of the decor, but it’s also good to be in “quiet” tones, which do not over stimulate the baby. Neutral and light colors are safe options.

In addition, the wall sticker for baby room does not need to be used on all the walls of the room, as this can end up leaving the place too “loaded”, and this is not good. Therefore, it may be a good idea to use it only to highlight a wall or even a detail.

Free Pattern Available: Joyous Dream Quilt

As it is a baby room, it is also nice to choose a playful print sticker, with pets or cute drawings to decorate the environment. This will give a childlike and simple atmosphere to the room. Wall stickers for children’s rooms are usually very colorful and fun. As we said earlier for the baby room, this type of pattern is something very typical for childhood, regardless of the child’s gender. Some themes, such as animals, nature and circus, are common in wall stickers for children’s rooms for boys and girls.


Others, like robots and football, are more easily found in boy’s rooms; flowers, butterflies and the like are more characteristic of girl’s rooms. However, this does not prevent parents from adapting the decoration as they prefer, of course, the limit is the imagination. Ah, if the child is going to grow up, become a teenager and stay in that room, it may be a good idea to bet on wall stickers for children’s rooms that are more “neutral”, that adapt better over time.

In this case, star patterns, polka dots, hearts, triangles or even zigzags and stripes can be good alternatives. The wall stickers for a women’s single room can also be printed with feminine prints, such as flowers and flowering trees, but there is also the option to do something more “adult” or discreet, you choose. In the male single room, cars are not as common and more “mature” options, such as geometric patterns, are used more.

There are also some more fun and even interactive wall stickers for women’s and men’s rooms, such as a world map on which you can paste souvenirs in the countries in which you have visited, which makes it very beautiful or the use of stickers such as frame or even headboard. The main recommendation for choosing the wall sticker for decorating a double room, which also applies to the entire decoration of this room, is to take into account the style and preferences of the two people.

As stated in the previous topic, wall stickers for adults’ rooms tend to be more “neutral” and this is no different in the double room, the same rule applies to this room. In fact, this feature would even facilitate the decision for a wall sticker for a double room, as the neutral one more easily pleases even the most different tastes, which is great.

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