Stacking Whirls


There is a stereotype about singles that says their rooms – or even entire apartments – are messy. This fame is certainly due in large part to the lack of planning for these spaces. If you want to have a nicely decorated and organized single room, check out our tips and the tutorial for an amazing and charming Stacking Whirls for you to learn how to do it at home! Your single room is your refuge, your place in the world. In order for you to spend a lot of time on it, it is necessary that it be receptive, comfortable.


As this room is not usually divided and possibly only the resident will see it frequently, the organization may end up being left out, but this should not happen. With the tips that we will give below, making your single room beautiful and organized will be much easier! To start decorating your single room, the first step is to define your needs.

What do you need and expect from this space in your home? What are your habits? Are you just going to sleep in your room or are you going to spend time, study, work? Is there a need to think about a project with desks for the bedroom? Or maybe a space to store a collection of records or other things you have?

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With smaller and smaller apartments, the most common is to find a small single room, which makes it a bit more difficult. If this is the case, you will need to choose very well the elements you will use in this environment of your home. A good tip is to take advantage of the vertical space of the room with shelves, niches, overhead cabinets and the like. If you can, another way out is to use planned or modular furniture, they are great for optimizing and taking advantage of the space.


In addition, in a small single room, versatile furniture is very welcome, as the box-style single box bed and the models that have drawers at the base, they help a lot in the organization. All of this is important to make everyday life easier, after all, to have everything in place it is necessary that things have a place. Both in a female single room and in a male single room, the choice of bed is very important. This is the main piece of furniture in this environment, however you should not choose the largest bed possible.

When making that choice, keep in mind the measurements of your single room so that everything goes well. It should not be disproportionate with the room and, to guarantee a good space for circulation, the minimum distance to the walls and other furniture, such as cupboard and desk, must be 70 centimeters. Having a very large bed in a not-so-large room can also end up affecting the ability to keep the place clean and organized. So be careful when selecting the one to take home, as this is very important!

In addition to everything we said, which already says a lot about decoration, the planned single room should also reflect the personality of the resident, because we all want a room that has our dear hand, is it? For this, we recommend the use of decorative objects, photos and other items that really talk about who lives there and never forget to use curtains for the bedroom, as they create a more cozy environment.

As for the use of colors, if it is a small single room, we recommend leaving the walls in light tones for two reasons: greater sense of spaciousness and neutral base for decoration, which helps a lot. That is, with the predominance of light colors, you are free to use the colors you want in your decorative objects and bedding, which is great.

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