Velvet Honeycomb Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


White and black are considered classic colors and for the crochet they form a beautiful pair of opposite tones. They can be used in different ways to make a beautiful blanket and, for this reason, we have separated some tips and tricks of crochet stitches for you not to miss, in addition to combining them in the best possible way. In this post, we will see more about afghan crochet blankets and you can make a beautiful Velvet Honeycomb Blanket.


These two colors must follow some rules, because the excess of one can unbalance the crochet and create the opposite effect to the expected, which can result in a disproportionate blanket. The combination of black and white is traditional and should always seek harmony, the contrast reflected in the color overlay.

The white reflects the light and expands the environment, so it is suitable for small places, so remember this well when deciding where to use your blanket. Black is perfectly accepted in open and wide places.

What should always be remembered is that the right dose of each color is what makes the crochet pleasant, since the exclusive presence of white can make the crochet cold, while the presence of exclusive black can make the crochet depressing.


An attitude that helps when making your crochet is to define your style: if the inspiration will be classic, contemporary, futuristic, casual or if another trend will follow. Don’t forget that the key is always to innovate and be creative; otherwise, the use of both colors becomes sober and monotonous, which devalues ​​everything.

The mixture of prints, textures, materials, patterns, styles, tones, shapes and sizes is an excellent example of how to make your blanket more cozy and alive. The secret is in the details, remember that.

Bet on small dots of other colors to disperse in black and white and also on materials such as glass, mirror, silver, wood, steel or shiny metals, which make your crochet look lighter.

A good tip is to invest in decorating with rugs, blankets and other crochet items to give a more expressive, fun and cheerful touch to the place you want to decorate.

Free Pattern Available: Velvet Honeycomb Blanket