Crochet Rose (Video Tutorial)


Crochet roses are that extra detail that makes any beautiful craft delicate and interesting. They are very common and used as an application for various crafts, even those that are not made of crochet may have crochet roses. Today’s post provides a tutorial to teach you how to make these delicacies.Let’s go to the post, we prepared something incredible for you to learn.


In addition to being used as a complement to pieces, such as rugs or pillow cases, crochet roses can reign supreme in hair ornaments, clothes pins, key chains or as decorative items. There are several usage options to choose from, just use your creativity.

Crochet roses are simple and easy to make, especially for those still learning crochet. In the tutorial you can check the step by step of this type of rose made with the technique of crochet. Just choose the color according to what you want or what you are doing.

Here are some pictures with examples of the colors in which they can be made, so you can increase your cooking possibilities to unthinkable levels. Your rose made of crochet can end up in various items, such as notebook cover, necklace and even the bridal bouquet.


Making a piece doesn’t have to be difficult to make it look beautiful, and that goes for any kind of craft you can imagine. With crochet this statement still does not escape the rule as there are beautiful crochets that can be done easily. A golden tip is to use a pretty line to work so halfway to beauty is already covered.

The rose symbolizes love, the heart, the passion, the purity, is the symbol of love and union. Combining the beauty of a rose with the magic of crochet, the result can only be a charming piece. How about decorating something with this rose and giving it to someone you love?

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