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The smaller an environment, the better planned it needs to be to ensure comfort, functionality and, of course, perfect aesthetics. And getting the furniture choice right is already a big step, after all they occupy a large part of the available space. Thinking about it we brought in today’s post, one of the best and most practical solutions for small environments: the wall table. Never heard of it, or even know what it is? No problem, we are here to clarify everything for you. A wall table is nothing more than… .a wall table! In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Fruit Ninja Star Quilt.


Joking aside, the wall table is a type of multifunctional furniture super suitable for those who have little space available at home, because it fits perfectly the aesthetic and practical needs of everyday life. The wall table usually has a rectangular shape, which is the most recommended to save space and is used a lot today.

Free Pattern Available: Fruit Ninja Star Quilt

The wall table can be just a conventional table positioned close to the wall with the chairs around it, or it can take on three more basic types: retractable wall table, folding wall table or extendable wall table, each more incredible than the other. All of these models are designed to optimize the space of the house. The retractable wall tables are the type that can be “pulled” and “pushed” later into some furniture or under a counter, for example. That is, when the table is not in use, it literally leaves the scene.


The folding wall table is very similar, with the difference that the opening and closing mechanism is made from the bottom up. This means that the table folds and unfolds against the wall each time it is put into use. And finally, you still have the option of an extendable wall table. In this model, the table extends increasing and decreasing in size, offering more places for special events such as dinner, both models are incredible and will help you a lot.

Where can the wall table be used?
No one can deny the immense usefulness of a table, no matter how big or wherever it is. A table always helps in many ways. And with the wall table it would be no different, so it can and should be used in any room in the house.

Thus, the wall table can be in the dining room, serving as a support for meals, in the home office, functioning as a desk and in the bedrooms, as a study place, replacing the nightstand or perhaps still doing the instead of a dressing table. The wall tables are also very useful in outdoor areas, like that corner of the barbecue or in the gourmet space for example. Another interesting place to install a wall table is in the service area, it breaks a branch when it comes to streamlining household routines and when it is no longer in use, just collect it for the wall, quick and easy.

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