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Carpets are very useful to give a different touch to home decor, in addition to making the environment more warm and comfortable. However, whether fixed to the floor or not, they need to be cleaned with some frequency. The reason is linked not only to the fact that it keeps the environment free of dirt, but also to your health, after all, carpets tend to accumulate dust mites, a full plate for respiratory allergies. Not to mention that performing frequent cleaning ensures that the carpet lasts longer. Learn now how to clean carpet, including preparation tips and learn how to make a beautiful Jewel in the Night Quilt:


Before you start cleaning the carpets you have in your home, prepare the environment. Open the windows wide and join anything that is left on the floor. Also separate the materials to be used and the vacuum cleaner itself. On any carpet, before doing another type of dirt removal, you can broom or vacuum. Or both.

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Dry cleaning
Some types of carpet can only be dry cleaned without using any type of chemical. This is the case of leather, leather, fiber, prints and satin. As they are more delicate fabrics or they rot when exposed to water, it is best to bet on dry washing, these types of fabric need great care in these hours. You can use a vacuum cleaner, a broom and a little cornstarch and baking soda to remove any moisture and stains, as well as dirt that has trapped the carpet fibers. Let it sit for a few minutes and then vacuum. In the case of fiber models, remember to vacuum on both sides and keep an EVA underneath, in contact with the floor, to prevent the carpet from molding. While vacuuming the carpet, be sure to make vertical and horizontal movements to ensure that you remove any dirt that is stuck there.
Carpets should be cleaned once a month. The ideal is to bet only on the vacuum cleaner, especially if there is no stain on the carpet. At most, a cloth slightly moistened with water and vinegar, but remember to keep the space well ventilated, so that the carpet dries and does not end up moldy or smelly.


Rubber mat
Rubber mats are the easiest to clean. The smaller ones can be placed in the washing machine, the larger ones should receive a good sweeping or vacuuming and then a cloth soaked in water and detergent will be enough to lip them. If you want to make your own homemade mixture, take a bucket and pour ¼ cup of alcohol, half a liter of water, 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate and another of white vinegar. Mix, wet your cloth and wipe over the carpet. The effect is the same as that of detergent and degreaser.

Synthetic rugs made of polyester or nylon are easy to clean, but if they do not dry properly they will smell bad, and that is not what we want. You can wash it with soap and water – preferably neutral – and let it dry in the strong sun. To avoid the unpleasant smell, spray a little vinegar, as the substance will neutralize odors and even fight microorganisms that survived after washing.

Fuzzy models need to be cleaned twice a year, once every six months as they accumulate a lot of dirt. The vacuum cleaner must be ironed first, if you prefer you can sweep the carpet with a soft bristle brush to avoid damaging the carpet. There is no need to wash, unless you notice that the carpet is very dirty. A damp cloth with fabric softener is enough to remove the stains. Another tip is to use a mixture of water and neutral detergent, you should just moisten the piece and then brush it in both cases. If it is necessary to wash, water and mild soap do the job well, let it dry in the shade.

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