Sunshine in the Garden Quilt


The concern with a good lighting project is a recurring theme in articles on decoration. We never tire of talking about how important the lighting points of the houses are in the final result of an interior project. And if we are so concerned with the concept of lighting in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, why not be concerned, too, with the external areas of the house? A great option to elegantly illuminate these spaces, such as balconies, pool areas and gourmet spaces, are the external sconces – also known as wall lamps. The sconces are small lamps installed directly on the wall or walls, enhancing the decoration of the environment. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Sunshine in the Garden Quilt.


Sconces do not function as central lighting points. They bring indirect lighting to the environment in which they are used, generally as a support for doors or windows. So, despite being beautiful and elegant, the sconces were not made to illuminate an entire place.

Free Pattern Available: Sunshine in the Garden Quilt

The external sconces are perfect for that light and subtle lighting, pleasing to the eye and stylish in the environment. Currently, it is possible to find modern, Provencal, rustic, colonial and even industrial style external sconces on the market, generally, in this case, the sconces preferred today are turtles. Some, thanks to their design, allow the lighting to follow the shape of two beams – which releases the light above and below the sconce.


Another important point is that thanks to their numerous formats and materials, the external sconces guarantee that super different and beautiful look for the entrance of the house or for the open social space of the residence, where they are used a lot. The rustic and provencal sconce models are very suitable for summer houses, farms and country houses. They can be made of iron, wicker and even straw, materials that reinforce the feeling of welcome in the environment.

There are some models of external sconces that are waterproof, ideal for open spaces where there is no cover capable of protecting the sconce. Important tip: before choosing your favorite model and buying your wall light, confirm that there is wiring available in the places where you intend to install it and that this lighting will not be affected by the presence of trees, columns and walls. Today, the most chosen models of external sconces are those of LED, which provide a lighting of greater power, have more durability and generate a remarkable energy saving. You can find them at decoration and building materials stores, such as Leroy Merlin, Sodimac, Telhanorte, C&C, among others. Now that you know this you can use sconces in your home.

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