Card Basket Quilt Block


Of volcanic origin, iron stone – which is also known as Topaz or Pericó Stone – is a kind of rock that undergoes an oxidation process, allowing different shapes, textures and fluctuations in color to appear, ranging from a rusty brown to almost get to black. And it is precisely this coloration of the iron stone that made it popular and one of the most sought after options for those who want a modern, elegant design with a touch of rusticity. iron stone, of Brazilian origin, is usually chosen to integrate part of facades, entrance hall walls, balconies, gourmet spaces and other external spaces of the house. In this one you will see more about this stone and learn to make a beautiful Card Basket Quilt Block.


But it is also super welcome on the wall of the most stylish living rooms and dining rooms, bringing an innovative concept to the environments. In bathrooms, iron stone has also been very decorative today. The Ferro stone is found for sale in slabs or in pieces of loose stones. This coating model can vary in three types: mosaics, sawn stones and fillets.

Free Pattern Available: Card Basket Quilt Block

Mosaics: this format brings smaller pieces, in varied formats, applied as if they presented designs and labyrinths, very used in decor today. Sawn stones: they are found in rectangular or square shapes, with slight variations in thickness from one stone to another. Fillets: the most chosen option, brings small strips of varying width, length and thickness, giving the pieces a more irregular shape.


There is also the option of porcelain tile in iron stone, a piece in porcelain tile that mimics the look of the stone. It’s easier to apply, faster – since it comes in tiles like the floors and tiles used today – and cheaper too. The wall on which the Ferro Stone is applied can also be illuminated by spots or lamps, creating fantastic visual effects in the space and making it more beautiful.

Advantages and maintenance of iron stone
Iron stone is highly resistant, both to physical impacts and corrosive elements, as well as the action of nature, such as wind, rain and heat for example. The ideal, after applying this stone, is to carry out the waterproofing process that acts to protect the appearance of the coating, maintaining for a longer time the color quality, the natural aspects of the material and its beauty. With this application, the iron stone wall does not need great care. Just use water and a broom or a VAP machine to keep the stones clean.

It is possible to find in the market the iron stone (without the labor of the application included) between $ 19.07 to $ 28.61 per square meter. However, each type of stone has a different value:

Sawn fillets of iron stone: between $ 28.61 to $ 35.77, per square meter; Irregular fillets of iron stone: between $ 19.07 and $ 23.85, per square meter; Iron stone cubes, measuring 10cm x 10cm: between $ 28.61 and $ 35.77, per square meter; Mosaic plates, measuring 30cm x 30cm: between $ 59.62 to $ 71.54, per piece.

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