Geometric Crochet Baby Blanket


Consider the blue carpet as a complement to your decor. It doesn’t have to be the predominant tone. So, define a palette with the colors you have in mind for the environment, then combine with a blue carpet to close the composition with a golden key. As an example, the photo above has a gray bedroom, with neutral furniture and cushions and pillow covers stamped in pink, purple and orange. Due to the pattern, the turquoise blue carpet brightened the atmosphere even more, making the decoration more “alive”. The first step in choosing the blue carpet for your decoration is to define the style of the environment you want to follow. Then, just choose the tone that most identifies and will provide the comfort of the decoration. In this post we will see more about this subject and you will learn how to make a beautiful Geometric Crochet Baby Blanket.


There is a project for a bedroom with a Montessori bed, the idea was that the children would have a room to be independent, and be comfortable during the day. For this reason, the soft blue round carpet was the best option for them to have a place to play whenever they want. As the bedding has different shades, the light blue carpet kept the children’s atmosphere in the room – the darker would be too heavy for the room. See now about each of the colors to choose the one that best suits your style:

Image by: Bhooked Crochet

Free Pattern Available: Geometric Crochet Baby Blanket

The navy blue rug, for having a strong and sober color, needs to compose decorations in neutral tones. Therefore, always place it in environments with white walls, neutral sofa (gray is beautiful), and pillows in shades of blue. The decoration with navy blue carpet is usually done this way so that the environment is harmonious in all details and looks very beautiful. If the walls of the room are too dark, the room will be charged and apparently smaller than it really is. So, it is better to avoid! Since the turquoise blue carpet appeared to compose the home decorations, the environments have become more cheerful and funky.

The turquoise blue rug is one of the most used for the living room, especially in printed models. When using it this way, be sure to invest in other details of the living room that have the same tone, such as armchairs. In one project there was an impeccable combination, even the chandelier for the room was matching the tepete! Ah, it could also happen that you find the turquoise carpet with the name tiffany blue carpet. The difference between the two colors is minimal. Tiffany is more vibrant and a little lighter, and it gets this color from Tiffany & Co. Turquoise is a softer tone.


There is a blue crochet rug where the two colors are together. Tifanny is the lightest and Turquoise is the darkest. They are very similar. The best part is that they look beautiful together! The kitchen with neutral island gained prominence with this blue crochet rug. The light blue carpet is the ideal option for those who are looking for a softer and cozy environment, it will help you. It is ideal for baby rooms and relaxing areas of the home. You can make a reading and resting area next to the room that is even more comfortable and relaxing with a light decor. The light blue rug will be just a detail used to highlight the environment, in contrast to some pink pillowcases. What do you think of this composition?

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Image by: Bhooked Crochet

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