Magnificent Marge Blanket


Red is the color of passion. An intense and vibrant tone, which makes all the difference in the decoration; especially if you are looking for a modern and stylish living room. Because of this, the red sofa has gained a special space in environments that need to gain an extra touch of personality in the details. Do you know the black and white room that is already dull? So, she looks beautiful with the red sofa! And the colorful wallpaper, with red accents, gains an even greater prominence with the sofa of the same color. There are infinite shades of red, from the lightest (almost pink) to the darkest and most vibrant (marsala). All of them can form incredible color palettes for your room, you just need to create the color palette with the color balance that best matches the style of the environment and the decorative objects. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a wonderful Magnificent Marge Blanket.


Classic, modern, romantic, industrial … All of these styles are possible to set up your living room. However, you will need to highlight them through colors. The classic living room, for example, cannot have very colorful details, just like the modern ones need different and personalized living room furniture, such as the red sofa bed – which even has a retro “footprint” in the design and will adapt perfectly to the environment. In the photo, the red sofa bed highlighted the gray room and still gave a cheerful and cozy touch with the chandeliers and tables in water green.

Free Availlable Pattern: Magnificent Marge Blanket

In addition to the decor being colorful in the right measure, it has not lost its elegance. A charm, isn’t it? Given this, we can consider that, as red is a vibrant color, the ideal is that it is always accompanied by a more neutral (or clear) hue to balance the color saturation of the environment and make everything very beautiful. The decor is not “heavy”, and is super nice! You can use a beautiful, neutral rack to help. The red corner sofa, because it is bigger, needs to be in lighter and more lit environments.

Therefore, in the example above, the light decor and modern elements perfectly adorned the red corner sofa and patterned cushions. Even the 3-seater sofa blanket was essential for this composition.


One of the most classic and timeless compositions is the gray living room with the red sofa. Usually the wall of the room is gray, as well as the furniture, however, in different shades – even black. The highlight of the decoration is the red sofa. Special tip: For more functionality, bet on the red retractable sofa as it will help you a lot. You can pull the bottom of the sofa to have a bigger sofa, where you can relax to watch TV or read a book.

Then, just put the sofa in place to keep the room organized, as in the photo above. Those who like more colorful and fun environments, can invest in decorations with more colors on the cushions and prints on the carpets. Everything that is different and impactful.

The wall, if its environment is spacious and well lit, can even be made in the same color as the sofa and have beautiful pictures in the same color palette. In one project, pillows were the key elements to balance the decor, especially the white model with hairs. In another project, the decoration was even more daring. Composed by the warm tones of the chromatic circle, red, yellow, and orange complement the decor with the red retractable sofa.

The wall is yellow, however, of a softer tone. What about? Another palette that is super cheerful and with a lot of personality is blue and red. To use these colors together, you have two possibilities: The first is to use the wall in a softer shade of blue and bet on the brightest and most vibrant red sofa to highlight the rest of the decor. The second is to have a darker wall and a lighter sofa.

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