Terrazzo Table Runner


Toothpicks, striking colors and a nostalgic air that invades the whole environment. You might wonder what we’re talking about, right? Yes, his, the darling of the moment, the retro couch! Full of charm, the retro sofa is the right bet for those who want to live (or relive) the glamorous nostalgia of past decades. Coming straight from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, this type of upholstery can add much more to your decor than you can imagine. And it is not only in aesthetics that the retro sofa stands out. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Terrazzo Table Runner.


Nowadays, with the different models for sale, it is perfectly possible to combine beauty with comfort and functionality. In other words, you bring home an old-fashioned furniture, but with the best in technology and modernity, and that will help you decorate your home. Want to know more how to use the retro sofa in decor? So come follow this post with us, we brought a series of tips that will lead you without errors to this nostalgic decoration proposal:

What is retro?
Before you know how to choose the ideal retro sofa for your home decor, let’s better understand the meaning of the term retro so that you can differentiate and distinguish the different options on the market.

Free Pattern Available: Terrazzo Table Runner


The word retro comes from the Latin “retro” and means “backwards”, that is, whenever a piece has the label “retro” you already know that it refers to a style that has been used in the past. However, do not confuse retro with vintage. Despite the similarity and similar concept, they are different terms. The retro furniture are produced with current technology and preserve only the aesthetics of the past, but in vintage what you see is what you have, changing in kids, that means the furniture in front of you was produced at the time when makes reference and has just been perfected a bit.

He is a survivor of the years and can be restored, refurbished, or used in the way that has all the marks that time has caused him. A good example of vintage furniture are those in your grandmother’s house. A retro sofa retains the characteristics of the time it was inspired and this implies the use of colors, prints and shapes used until then, which in fact, even after so long, remain very beautiful.

However, some models bring only a slight mention of retro aesthetics, blending elements of the past with modern features. A good way to recognize a retro sofa is by watching your feet. Usually this type of upholstery has taller wooden feet in the shape known as a toothpick. The back and arms of this type of sofa are usually lower and the main fabrics used are suede, corino and cotton.

Rounded, curved and winding shapes are also common in this type of upholstery. The color of the retro sofa is what varies the most and the market is full of different options, one more beautiful than the other. For those who want to keep the atmosphere of the golden years, it is worth betting on prints and bold colors.

But those who prefer something more sober and discreet can keep only the retro shape and opt for a sofa of light and soft tones, such as white, off white and gray. This is also a good choice for those who want to mix retro with modern.

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