Bargello Blanket


From time to time interior decoration surprises with a new trend. And the star of the moment goes by the name of Rose Gold. The tone is a combination of metallic gold and aged pink, resulting in something similar to copper, but much more modern, elegant and sophisticated. The fashion of Rose Gold started in Europe, but before long it was already in American territory. In today’s post we will teach you a little bit more about it and still make available the pattern of an amazing Bargello Blanket.


The contemporary color feature makes Rose Gold stand out in different decoration proposals, especially those of Scandinavian, industrial and minimalist style. Romantic proposals also benefit from the tone. Using Rose Gold for decoration is not difficult. But in order not to make mistakes it is important to pay attention to some details, so your decoration is not heavy and is very beautiful. Check out each of them in the list below:

Free Available Pattern: Bargello Blanket

1. Neutral tones
The modern and elegant effect that Rose Gold has on the environment in which it is worn is further highlighted by the use of neutral shades at the base of the decoration, especially white, black or gray. The combination of Rose Gold and white is clean, elegant and slightly romantic, it will leave the atmosphere with an amazing special touch. The mix Rose Gold and black carries the atmosphere of personality and sophistication, but you should avoid the pair in small rooms. Now if the idea is to maximize the modern feature of Rose Gold, use it in combination with gray. Darker, darker shades of blue are also a good companion for Rose Gold, as are lighter shades of pink, such as antique or tea.


2. Details and accessories
The most common way to insert Rose Gold into the decoration is in the details used in the environment. Light fixtures, frames, wire parts, brackets, hooks, appliances, pots, pans, anyway, where you think you should. In environments like kitchen and bathroom, Rose Gold can come in taps and other metal fittings, and believe me, it looks great.

3. Furniture
For those not afraid to dare in the decoration, you can take Rose Gold for furniture such as chairs, tables and sideboards, for example. However, this type of combination has more visual impact on the environment and should be used with common sense and moderation to not make the decoration too heavy.

4. In every corner of the house
Rose Gold is democratic and can be used freely in any room in the house, from the couple’s bedroom to the laundry area, through the bathroom, kitchen, living room and baby’s room. For each of these spaces there is an accessory or detail that fits perfectly, you can bet on that, I’m sure you will love.

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