How To Quilt Feathers On Hexagons Tutorial

Ah, How to quilt feathers on hexagons, a way for you to be distracted by one of the most elegant and wonderful crafts, a good choice for you to learn, make and create your own crafts. It’s a very beautiful craft practice that we work with, as the name says, hexagons that will amaze you when you finish it.
This type is a long-time art, you can produce various types of decorative works, and also have this beautiful quilt in your home to match the decor you want from the room you want. It is a not very old craft, and is very used.

You can provide a variety of decorations for your home or even to sell and add some extra money to your budget at the end of the month.

Image By: getasquiltingstudio

First and foremost it is very important before you start your quilt you choose which colors you intend to make. If it will be all made of one color, or if it will have different colors, well, you choose it !!

Now with the choice made we will start the work, and for that you will need nothing less than your hands and our tutorial available at the end of this post !!

Just Come With Me For The Tutorial We Have Prepared And I Can Assure You That You Will Be Amazed By How Beautiful And Wonderful This Quilt Is, Trust Me, You Will Not Be Disappointed.

Crafts that are handmade should be highly valued. In them, a lot of love, affection and dedication is deposited. Consider this beautiful and delicate bedspread on your bed !! Access Pattern By Geta Grama

Image By: getasquiltingstudio

Video Tutorial Below: Free Motion Quilting Feathers.  

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